In-Depth Love Commands Review – Should You Buy It

Do you find dating with men confusing? I mean does it ever happen to you when you successfully able to get the interest and attention of the man you love from your deep heart but fail to keep him hang around for long enough. It is quite easy to conclude ‘all men are same’ however it is difficult to accept we girls don’t know the right ways to communicate our emotions and values.

happy relationshipThankfully, Scott Foster recently released new relationship program called Love Commands that is especially created for girls who want to up their game and keep the interest of her man in the relationship. However, Love Commands is more than this.

If you want to make any man fall in deep love with you and keep him forever in your life then you can use Love Commands. The author Scott Foster revealed some hidden secrets to male biological makeup that you can use for your own advantage to get his attention and love for you only.

Love Commands is new in the market that is why when I was searching about this program I didn’t find any detail review over the internet. Later, after seeing the 60-days money back guarantee I decided to purchase this program and write down my detail review to help others in taking informed decision if it is for them or not.

If Love Commands grabs your attention and you are getting interested in finding more about this program then read this review till the end as I have share some secrets commands that is included in this program.

Ok Lets start the review…

[Note:] If you want to try out this program then visit to download it.

What Is Exactly Love Commands?

Love CommandsThis 457-pages e-book created for all those girls who want to increase their game in dating and/or they want to increase love, emotions and passion in their relationship.

Scott Foster provides detailed information about male biological makeup that will help you in getting better understanding about how male psychology works and what they think about their women in the relationship.

Author claims that this book is designed in such a way that it can make you irresistible to any man you love from your deep love. Some of the commands and gestures you are so powerful that they can work overnight.

The main goal of this Love Commands book is to bring the two lovers closer and make them loyal to each other for whole life.

[Update]: Scott Foster recently created a short-video presentation in which he talks about this book and some powerful love phrases you will find in this book. Watch the video below (opens is new page)

lovecommand video

What is Included Inside Love Commands Course?

The Love Commands course contains words and gestures that can make any men surrender in love to you. Additionally, you will also get secret psychological tricks to stop men from slipping away from the relationship.

There are some commands like ‘Attraction Fire Cracker‘, ‘I Am Your Lady‘ and ‘Feeling Enhancer‘ that will make your men to give full attention to you and take relationship forward with you.

The great thing is Love Commands course offers secret phrases that you can use in any situation and at any age. They are designed to work in any situation doesn’t matter if the situation is courtship, marriage or if you are feeling your relationship is losing its spark.

Love Commands book offers phrases that deals with breakup, dating, getting a man in your life, keeping his interest and list goes on.

Here are some secret commands you are going to find inside this course:

  • Candy Love
  • Queen Of Seduction
  • Total Devotion
  • Freeze-Defreeze
  • Love Me Again
  • Knot of Commitment
  • I Am Your Princess
  • Instant Lovebirds
  • Attraction Fire Cracker
  • And more…

Some Example Commands In Love Command Program

There are more than 10 commands that you will find inside this program. Due to copyright reasons, I can’t share all with you. However, I got permission from author to share few of them. If you want to get your hands of all these love commands then you have to download this book by visiting this special link to get 60-days money back guarantee.

These example commands will give you a general idea how these commands work and how they can improve your relationship.

Example Command #1 – ‘Attraction Fire Cracker’:

This command is especially created for those girls who are going for first date with their dream men. This command put stunning impression about you in the very first date. However, this command can also be use by women who feel their relationship is losing spark and want to bring back the interest of their men.

Example Command #2 – ‘Instant Lovebirds’

Using this command will make your man look you as complete package for his whole life. He will look you as his only lover, soul mate, a better half, a great friend and secret keeper. He will start finding ways to kiss you, hold you and love you.

Example Command #3 – ‘I Am Your Princess’

By using this command your man will look you as most prestige part of his life. Every morning before breakfast meal he first desire you, see you, kiss you and tell you how prestige you are for his life. He will start opening up and tell you secrets that he hides from his close friends.

Example Command #4 – ‘Knot of Commitment’

This command is created for all those girls who want to take their relationship to the next level and want to get married to their prince charming. After using this command your man will look you as ‘ultimate wife package’. This command will make him wonder where he stands in the relationship. He will hopelessly get eager to know if you see future with him.

Example Command #5 – ‘Desire Reset’

This command will make your man miss you more than ever before. He will miss you right from breakfast to dinner meal. He will keep your photo on his phone and can’t able to remove his eyes from your face, hair and body.

Should You Buy Love Commands Program?

Love Commands program don’t give you only advice instead it gives you commands and gestures that you can use to get the interest of man you love most and build strong relationship.

Additionally, Scott Foster provides you understanding about male psychology that you can use for your own advantage and build relationship on deepest level.

This program is not only for single girls who are looking to impress his dream man instead this program is for each and every women who are struggling in their relationship and want to get interest and attention from their men.

With all being said, now you have to decide if you really need this course or not?

Things That I like About This Program:

For Single and Married Women:

There are very few relationship programs available for women and most of them targets women that are already in the relationship. However, Love Commands is different. Single as well as Married women can use this program to increase their knowledge about dating and relationship.

Author Contact Details:

I never saw any relationship program that contains author contact information. This will come very handy for those girls who think they stuck in unique relationship situation and how to get out from it.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee:

You remember the reason why I decided to try this program? Yes it was 60-days money back guarantee. With money back guarantee you don’t have any risk to try this program. However, you have to keep in your mind that your 60 days start from the purchase date and not from the date you start using it. So download it and start using it to see if it works for you or not.

Digital Book:

Most people prefer reading book on their tablets and smartphone. Additionally, it is easy to carry hundreds of e-book in your tablet or Smartphone and read it anywhere anytime.

Discreet Billing:

Clickbank is the payment processor of Love Commands. Clickbank is world known digital product seller and they use 128 bit security for processing payment. This mean your credit card information will not get leak.

Things That I Don’t Like About This Program:

Don’t Address Confident Issue:

There are some serious confidence issues in women who suffered in the relationship. I would be glad if Scott Foster address about this issue in the future but for now this is the only thing I don’t like in this program.

Are There Any Bonus Guides?

Yes, with Love Commands you will get three bonus guides. I really like these guides and they provide great combination with the whole program. These are valuable bonus guides and not something like they are added to increase the value of the program.

I can’t share lot of details about these bonus guides as they are protected with copyright law but I have tried my best to explain little about them below:

Bonus #1 – Hypnotic Obsession:

This bonus guide teaches Hypnotic Obsession that can leave any men hypnotically obsessed for you. When you start using these obsession phrases your man’s whole body will fire up with love for you only.

Even when you lie in bed with him, he’ll feel complete with you. He will do every effort to bring you closer and feel loved and when you are away, he will feel an important part of his soul is missing.

Bonus #2 – Viral Feeling of Love Report:


This short report will teach you important steps for creating ‘Pure Love’ in your man’s body. Once this ‘Pure Love’ is created your man will not think about any other women and think about you every time.

Bonus #3 – Sweet Whisper Report:


This report contains ‘Innocent Little Whispers’ that you can use to start your day. These ‘Innocent Little Whisper’ will increase your value and make your man’s heart to race.

Final Verdict:

Scott Foster’s Love Command is close to be perfect. Although it has some pros and cons just like any other program but for me at least, pros clearly overweight cons in this case and I am sure you agree with me on this.

From my own experience, I would recommend Love Commands for all women who are either single, commitment, engaged, in a living relationship or married. This book addresses every situation and by using its advice and commands, you will be glad with its results.


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